Connection Building

Lifeways counselors work to establish trust and rapport with students by creating a balance between understanding and compassion with the importance of including accountability. The ability to be nonjudgmental and not take ourselves too seriously is important. The importance of empathy is essential and can determine success or failure of making positive connections. Experiential learning helps students apply knowledge to their daily life. Lifeways also works to bridge students to opportunities which create insight, self-awareness, personal growth and practice skills for a successful life.

Ways we promote Connections

  • Peer to Peer groups and activities connecting with students in middle school and as they progress through high school
  • Individual and group education
  • Intervention Programs after school
  • Trauma counseling with student and family (SITCAP Certified Trauma Practitioners)
  • Referral and assistance to "bridge" the gap from the school to the community for needed treatment, mental health counseling, or other services
  • In school support for recovery

Connection Impact

Peer to Peer Education:

742 students

  • 117 Peer to Peer students presented to 625 students
  • Peer to Peer education on prevention of risky behaviors, family addiction (elementary, middle and high school classrooms)

Community and School Awareness Campaigns:

870 students and adults participated Red Ribbon, Choose Arts & other events

  • 309 hours of information presentations

Outpatient Counseling (School and Office):

  • 23 Treatment Needs Assessments
  • 143 Individual Recovery Support Sessions

What's Being Said


Remembering my child doesn't think like me.

Good information, tools on communication, impact of substance use and all of the above bonded me and my child for supporting him. Just seeing him interact with others helps me to understand him.

Open communication – see we are not alone.


I got a lot of feelings out. I liked the honesty and trust, check-ins, the instructors energy and uplifting spirit.

I wish I would of known about Lifeways before, because I could of got help a lot sooner. This class has helped me stay clean.

PIC students over addiction

Support Students